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必赢最新网址 | “听我说谢谢你……”四川医生“圈粉”东帝汶患者

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  In the early morning of May 2022, He Lingna, the acupuncturist of the 9th Chinese (Sichuan) medical team for East Timor arrived Acupuncture and Rehabilitation Department of Dili National Medical Center Hospital early.


  It was not time for work yet, but lots of patients had been already waiting at the door. He Lingna plunged herself into work immediately so the patients could get back home earlier and wouldn’t get sunstroke on their way.

  这是来自必赢最新网址的援外医疗队员何玲娜在东帝汶工作的日常,在受援国工作半年多来,她已经和这里的医护患者打成一片,同事和病人们都亲切的称呼她为 “何中医”。

  It was the daily routine of He Lingna, a member of the foreign aid medical team from Affiliated Hospital of Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Having been working in the recipient country for over half a year, she has become a good friend to all the medical workers and patients. Her colleagues and patients call her "Hezhongyi"(TCM Doctor He).


  In East Timor, He Lingna spares no efforts to promote TCM and treat the sick with her silver needles (for acupuncture use). A patient called Paulina was impressive to her…


Acupuncture in East Timor


  It was in April when Paulina suddenly felt dizzy and facial paralyzed while she was working. She felt her left eye and mouth skewed, and her eyebrows are not able to be lifted. She immediately went to the Center Hospital where the doctor prescribed vitamin pills and asked her to take a good rest. Two weeks later, her symptoms were not eased, and she started to have a headache and insomnia. What’s more, her eyebrows became even more skewed. She was so worried and her friends suggested she seeing a doctor in the Chinese medical team.


  Paulina had never been treated with TCM. Doubtfully, she found He Lingna and tried traditional Chinese medical treatment.


  By "looking, listening, questioning, and feeling the pulse", the four diagnostic methods of TCM, Doctor He figured out the causes of Paulina’s sudden facial paralysis: the huge temperature difference by getting out of the house after blowing the air conditioner for a long time, her chronic diarrhea and that she sweated a lot and always took cold drinks.





  Doctor He employed acupuncture in addition to moxibustion and cupping jars. Three days later, Paulina’s headache on the left side was eased. Ten days later, her mouth was no longer skewed. 20 days later, she was almost recovered.


  Paulina became a faithful follower of Doctor He. She was grateful to He Lingna and recommend TCM to her friends.


Cupping Therapy in East Timor


  As a coastal tropical country with strong sunshine and dampness, people in East Timor sweat a lot and are easy to get headaches and fatigue. He Lingna was aware of the climatic features and summed up several regional diseases. She promoted cupping jars and formed "the health cupping therapy of East Timor". It’s great effective and has been popular among patients.


  The family members of patients usually take photos of the cupping jars when looking on the treatment. Doctor He explains the changes in skin colors to them patiently and lets them intuitively feel the TCM. Besides, she suggests they advertising TCM on social media to promote TCM.

  同时,何玲娜依然秉持着医疗队的光荣带教传统—— 开设小讲座,讲解如何使用针灸的常用器具,如何贴耳穴、拔罐、穴位按摩等,还手把手带教了两个当地的“学徒”。

  At the same time, He Lingna carried on the medical team's tradition of guidance – opening lectures. She teached how to use acupuncture appliances, attach to auricular points, cup, massage the acupuncture points, etc. She also guided two local "apprentices".


  Doctor He makes her contributions silently. She believes that contributions make lives count. She said that she feels proud and obliged to be a Chinese doctor to help promote the local medical service together with her colleagues. In the future, she will remain true to the mission, carrying on the foreign aid medical works and helping more patients in other countries.




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